Over the holiday, quite a few of my purchases where of products by Too Faced Cosmetics and, if you would have asked me what (out of my Too Faced mini haul) was my favorite, the T. F. Peachy Mattes Eye Shadow Palette wins hands down!

If ” Big City Elegance” and “Sweet Country Chic” had a baby, then this palette would definitely be their love child! The word I’d use to describe my first impression of this palette is STUNNING! T. F. Cosmetic’s never disappoints me when it comes to packaging. The box that the actual eye shadow palette comes in is super adorable and its so easy to become visually hooked. Did I mention that the addiction occurs before even opening the palette? This palette gleams with gorgeous gold all over the bottom and surrounding areas. On top, you have the perfect representation of what sweet fig cream and peaches would look like if they were mixed for the SOLE purpose of this, and only this, collection of colors!

Though compact in size, this palette contains a nicely size mirror complete with the Too Faced name embossed on the mirror so, if you travel frequently, this eye shadow palette will be your timeless “go to” for certain. While you stare at your gorgeous self, your nose is immediately greeted with a yummy but, soft peachy scent. I myself am not skin or fragrance sensitive so this palette being scented was not an issue, however if you are sensitive in these areas, I recommend going to your local Sephora’s for swatching/sampling so as to assess your own individuals tolerances.

I found the color selection to be an excellent, extremely pigmented blend of warm, matte colors that can be worn by all skin tones throughout the year. The formula applied and blended easily with little to no fallout thus, making the application of your eye shadow AFTER applying your foundation damn near risk free.

The T. F. Peachy Mattes eye shadow palette is a compliment to the collection of cosmetic connoisseurs of every level, from those starting to Master Make Up Artist! Though small, you can create numerous looks for both day or evening, work or play. You’re only limited by you’re creativity! Because this palette has such a smooth and velvety formula, you can easily coordinate with any other eye shadow palette that you may already own. One good palette to pair with the Peachy Mattes is the T. F. Chocolate gold eye shadow palette or it’s newly released ( as of 1/6/18 for Sephora’s/ 2 days following for the T. F. website/ retail locations ) sister palette: White Peach. ( Stay tuned for reviews on both eye shadow palettes.)

Chocolate Gold By Too Faced

The All New White Peach Palette

Peachy Mattes by T. F. retails for $45 USD (varies with other retailers) and the only complaint I honestly have is that I feel a brush should be included with the palette the way you would with an eye shadow palette by Urban Decay or Tarte, for example. Other than that, this palette is in my opinion worth purchasing. I don’t anticipate too many that could possibly be disappointed by this palette but, if the price is the only thing keeping you from taking this baby home with you then fear not! Sephora’s has an excellent return/ exchange policy so if by some miracle you hate it, you will get your money back or a store credit ( see website or your local store for full details ), so relax and listen to the little voice coming from the palette…. you know you want to! LOL

Sephora’s, like Ulta Beauty and other cosmetic company websites, has a rewards program that is worth signing up for, free of course. Another thing worth checking out if you are interested in getting the Peachy Mattes or White Peach Palette is the free Peaches and Cream Make Up bag promo going on now on the Too Faced Website. All you need to do is purchase any item from their Peaches and Cream line and the free bag will be automatically added to your cart. No code needed.

In close, I hope you found my review helpful. If you are ready to purchase (and if you are a member of Amazon you’ll get fast and free 2 day delivery) you can click on the links below. If you already own the Peachy Mattes eye shadow palette or any of the palettes mentioned please let me know how your are loving/not loving your product. I’d love to see what looks others are creating so pics are welcome 🙂

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Peachy Mattes Eye Shadow Palette

Chocolate Gold Eye Shadow Palette