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These photos are breathtaking! I now look at these city beaches with an attitude.

Gone with the wind

Our ferry its about to make its final stop in Thira, Santorini and hundred passengers are waiting inpatient to reach the main port of the beautiful island. The crowed stacked in pairs and holding hands in front of the huge iron gate takes me back in the past to the Noah’s legend and his ark where million species saved from the devastating fload are brought safe to the shore. Among them its also us, the happy survivors of 3 days in Mykonos, the island where the party never stops.

Oia the pearl of Santorini

The road to Oia is quite long and we are trying to kill the time “admiring” the view out of the bus window: narrow streets, arid earth and fragil enviroment…nothing of the beauty displayed on the pages of touristic magazines. I can read a trace of disappointment on Abdulla’s face and even if my heart is…

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