If you love history and always wanted to learn more about Greek Mythology, then this would be a book I think you would appreciate. After reading this review, I’m going to see if it’s available on Audible or Kindle. Off topic, is it bad that I’ve always wanted to dress up as Medusa for Halloween or a Costume party? Lol



I first became intrigued by greek myths at a young age: with my grans ‘Greek Style’ vase and watching Ray Harryhausens ‘Clash of the Titans’, the cinematic retelling of the Demi-god Perseus slaying the Gorgan Medusa and defeating the Kracken. The creatures, adventures and gods sparked my curiosity and imagination. Beginning primary school, I began to learn about the Olympian Hierarchy and the ‘PG’ myths, growing the seed further and developing roots into my interest in greek mythology. This is probably the reason why I gravitated towards Wonder Woman with as she is rooted in greek mythology and the gods often popped up in the comics and the tv show. Both are now permanently marked on my skin cementing my passion, with Wonder Woman on my calf and Medusa on my forearm.

Stephen Fry has been for a long one of my fantasy dinner party guests, from watching Jeeves and…

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